certification iso9001

3Dmesh & knitted fabrics

3 dimensional knitted fabrics can be found in all industries: e.g. beds, cars, aeroplanes, boats, building, clothing, furniture, … .These products have many characteristics, for instance lightness, strength, suppleness, flexibility, thickness... . But these knitted fabrics cannot always be used as such in product developments... , mostly they must also beforehand be processed/finished. Also in this field Finipur has proved its added value: we finish for instance knitted fabrics with an anti-skid coating (bedding), we laminate same for industrial filter applications, we impregnate 3-D knitted fabrics in resins processing them into a sturdy, tough and strong material (construction), we finish knitted fabrics as prepreg (pre-impregnated substrate) by which they can later be integrated into various composite finishings.