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Finipur company video

Finipur company video

Finipur company video

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About Finipur

Finipur is an international trendsetter in the use of technical coatings and innovative applications for finishing semi-manufactured products. We are specialised in finishing flexible and non-flexible substrates, including nonwovens, textiles, knitted fabrics, 3D mesh, honeycomb panels, Prepreg composites and compressed nonwovens, which are used in many industries. This means we are involved in, among other things, indoor and outdoor textiles, the filter industry, cars, buses, planes, shoes and sports mats.

The consistent quality was rewarded when we obtained a quality label (ISO 9001). Finipur is proud of this ISO 9001 certificate, because as service provider we work on quality day in, day out. The certificate is an extra stimulus to keep us working with the same élan, and to ensure that every day our service gets a little better and our processes improve even further.

We have an extensive and up-to-date set of machines that facilitate a number of applications such as coatings, laminating, calendering and tumbling, and with which a wide range of specific and unique added values can be achieved. Together with our customers, we look for the best solutions and upgrade their products on a continuous basis to ensure ongoing success. Finipur is a business with a great history but its future looks even brighter thanks to its vision to support sustainable investment in people, the environment, technology and safety.

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